Thanksgiving Break
Nov. 26, All day
Thanksgiving Break
Nov. 27, All day
Thanksgiving Break
Nov. 28, All day
Thanksgiving Break
Nov. 29, All day
Thanksgiving Break
Nov. 30, All day

WBB vs. Georgetown
Nov. 23, 02:00 pm
MBB vs. Rider
Nov. 24, 07:00 pm
Volleyball vs. West Virginia
Nov. 26, 06:00 pm
WBB vs. Iona
Nov. 26, 08:00 pm
Volleyball vs. Oklahoma
Nov. 29, 12:00 pm

Small-Molecule X-ray Crystallography Lab

X-ray Crystalography lab photo

This lab uses diffraction methods to determine high-precision three-dimensional solid-state structures of crystalline organic, inorganic and biological molecules and to identify polycrystalline materials. We are part of the Molecular Structures Group (MSG) at KU, a campus-wide facility encompassing NMR, Mass Spectrometry, X-ray Crystallography (large and small molecule), Biochemical Services, and Molecular Graphics and Modeling Laboratories.